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Do's & Don'ts for Wohr Car Parking Systems Download

Car Parking System in India

  • Pl check the height of the car before parking.
  • Pl check the width of the platform before parking.
  • Pl check the car weight and platform design before parking.
  • Never park car in reverse direction.
  • Only driver is allowed in the car while parking on the platform.
  • Driver or passengers are strictly NOT allowed to be sit in the car parked under the platform.
  • While parking the car on platform, Driver MUST engage the hand brake and car should be in gear.
  • The speed of the car during parking should not be more than 10 Km/hr.
  • Car should enter on the platform with straight front wheels.
  • Car front tyre should gently touch the tyre stopper.
  • Keep the surrounding area clean. This will avoid the wire biting by rodents and ensure systems in safe condition.
  • Do not wash the cars on the platform.
  • Platform of system should be strictly used for parking of cars ONLY.
  • No unauthorized person or child should be allowed to operate the system.
  • During rains if water clogging is observed under platform, raise the platform accordingly and do not use the system.
  • Always operate the system one by one and not together. i.e. one car at a time.
  • Never keep the platform at raised level if not in use.
  • It is not advisable to sit, sleep in the car when the car is parked below or on the platform.
  • It is not advisable to sit or stand below the platform when the car is parked on upper platform.
  • Never paint the system/cylinders without consultation/guidance.
  • Read the instruction manual display board for more details.
  • Follow the instructions for moving the platform up and down by using original key.
  • For safety and to avoid misuse, always press the emergency knob to lock the system after every operation.
  • Always call authorised person from Wohr for any emergency or breakdown situation.
  • Do not try to service the system from unauthorized person or thru local contractor.
  • Always use genuine spares.