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Parksafe 585

Tower, pit or tower/pit configurations with transfer area at either base level, top level or at one of the intermediate levels. Arrangement of 1 up to 3 parking rows rightwards or leftwards of the vertical lift is possible.
Parksafe dispenses the need of ramps and driving lanes, provides safety and security against theft, damage and vandalism and is environment friendly in respect of its compact construction and reduced emission of exhaust gases emitting from the parked vehicle. Following the idea of "Green-Parking": less area/ less traffic/ less Co2.


  • Automatic parking system for 8, 10 or 12 cars per parking level
  • Tower and/or pit version with central transfer area is possible
  • Safe for user and cars (no narrow ramps, dark stairs, no damage caused by theft or vandalism)
  • No ramps and driving lanes
  • No costly illumination and ventilation necessary
  • Well adaptable to individual project requirements
  • Fast access time
  • For car weight up to 2.5 t, higher loads are possible after consulting wohr
  • Easy operation with several control options, e.g. transponder chip or remote control
  • Suitable for residential and office building, public parking, car-sharing, car-rent, car-service centers
  • Following the idea of "Green-Parking"

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