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Puzzle Car Parking Systems India

Combilift 551 for independent parking facility Download Datasheet 2.0 ton Download Datasheet 2.6 ton

Puzzle Car Parking Systems India | Independent Car Parking System

A smart design for two levels without pit independent parking facility. Entrance level platforms move laterally and upper level platforms move vertically, with always one platform less at the entrance level. To bring down upper platform for parking in or out, the platforms at the entrance level will first move to one side to provide an empty space into which the required platform is lowered.


  • Carrying capacity per platform / per car available with 2000kg and 2600kg
  • Variable arrangement of 2 - 10 grids beside one another
  • Combination of stacking and moving cars closer together
  • Independent parking in 2 levels above each other
  • Multi size options corresponding to car heights, car widths and platform loadings
  • Easy operation and parking comfort
  • Low-wear, proven hydraulic systems
  • High level of operating and functional safety according to EN norms

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