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Combilift 543 | Puzzle Parking Solution

Combilift 543 for space saving Download Datasheet 2.6 ton Download Datasheet 2.0 ton

The most compact space saving Combilift for parking on 3 levels above each other. The entry is always at the middle level. The user selects his place via operating panel.


  • Carrying capacity per platform / per car available with 2000kg and 2600kg
  • Variable arrangement of 2- 10 grids beside one another
  • Combination of stacking and moving cars closer together
  • Independent parking on 3 levels above each other
  • Multi size options corresponding to car heights, car widths and platform loadings
  • Easy operation and parking comfort
  • Almost triple amount of parking places
  • Low-wear, proven hydraulic systems
  • High level of operating and functional safety according to EN norms

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