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Parklift 411 for indoor & outdoor installation Download Datasheet 2.0 ton Download Datasheet 2.6 ton

Parklift 411 for dependent parking of two cars above each other. Suitable for indoor as well as outdoor installation.
Dependent parking means: the lower car has to be removed; to bring down the upper platform.

Unit with single width platfarm for 2 cars and double width platfarm for 4 cars is available


  • 1 driving level = 2 parking levels = cost savings
  • Dependent parking / valet parking
  • Low maintenance costs
  • High level of operating and functional safety according to EN norms
  • Single units for 2 cars and Double units for 4 cars are available
  • Carrying capacity per platform / per car available with 2000kg and 2600kg.

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