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Car Parking System in India

  • Please check the height of the car before parking.
  • Please check the compatibility of car width with respect to platform width before parking.
  • Please check the car weight and platform carrying capacity before parking.
  • Keep the system platform and surrounding area clean. This will avoid the wire biting by rodents and ensure systems in safe working condition.
  • Explore the feasibility to cover the systems (outdoor application) with shade for long life of parts and safety of systems during operations. This is recommended.
  • Only driver is allowed in the car while parking (In/Out) on the platform.
  • While parking the car on platform, Driver must engage the hand brake and car should be in first gear.
  • Car should enter on the platform in straight position of wheels.
  • Car front tyre should gently touch the tyre stopper.
  • System platform should be strictly used for parking of Cars only.
  • During rains if water clogging is observed under the platform, raise the platform accordingly and do not operate the system.
  • Always operate the system one by one and not together. i.e. one car at a time.
  • Do read the instruction manual for more details.
  • Do make up and down movement of platforms every day. This will ensure lubrication of system parts and also avoid premature failure of system parts.
  • Follow the instructions for moving the platform up and down by using original key thru operating switch box.
  • Operator must observe system operation till cycle is complete by standing in front of operating panel.
  • For safety and to avoid misuse, always press the emergency knob to lock the system after every operation and when not in use.
  • Always call authorized person from Wohr to attend any emergency or breakdown situation.
  • Always use genuine spares.
  • Three Phase Cable Connection up to MCB point provided for Wohr Car Parking System from “MSEB Power Grid “as well from “DG Set“ Must be in same sequence i.e. “R-Y-B”
  • Please ensure to have clear marking on the floor as restricted area under and around system for overall safety purpose.
  • Always keep the platform and ducts near the side panels in clean conditions.
  • Please ensure that systems are maintained only thru WOHR authorized persons thru contract.
  • Please MIND YOUR STEP AHEAD while entering / leaving the system.
  • Do not park car in reverse direction.
  • Driver or passengers are strictly not allowed to sit or sleep in the car parked under or on the platform.
  • The speed of the car during parking should not be more than 10 km/hr.
  • Do not wash the cars on the platform or below the platform.
  • Do not allow anyone to spit Pan/Gutka on the Pillars of the systems.
  • Do not allow the leaves/cloth pieces/debris get settled in the duct near the side panels.
  • No unauthorized person or children should be allowed to operate the system.
  • Never keep the platform at raised level if not in use. (For Parklift)
  • Do not paint the system or cylinders without consultation / guidance.
  • Do not alter / modify the system or any of its parts.
  • Do not try to service the system from unauthorized person.
  • Do not change the position of tyre stopper without consulting WPS team.
  • The management will not be responsible for any incidents, damages or losses.

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