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Fully Automated Car Parking System | Level Parker 570

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Level Parker 570

A fully automatic parking system ‘Level Parker 570’ for 10 to 50 cars on up to 5 levels above each other and 2 to 6 platform rows behind each other.

Level Parker 570 provides space-saving parking by moving the cars closer together on one or more levels. At each level the cycle movement for transporting the cars takes place by longitudinal and transverse shifting of the platforms. A vertical lift connects the transfer area with the parking levels, which can be arranged either above or underground.

Integration of a Turntable is possible to have the car in forward direction when parking out.


  • Automatic car parking system for parking vehicles on 1 to 4 parking levels
  • Requires a small footprint area
  • Multiple row arrangement with 3, 4 or 5 rows behind each other possible
  • Safe for user and cars (no narrow ramps, dark stairs, no damage of theft or vandalism)
  • No need for ramps and driving lanes
  • No costly illumination and ventilation necessary
  • Variation options for individual project requirements
  • Integrated Turntable option
  • For car weight up to 2.5 t, higher loads are possible after consulting wohr
  • Easy operation with different control options: from transponder chip to remote control
  • Suitable for residential and office building
  • Following the idea of "Green-Parking"

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