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Multilevel Car Parking System

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Multiparker 760 is suitable for construction cubes similar to a high rack made out of concrete, as tower or pit version. Whenever bigger floor plan areas are available but project configurations featuring less parking levels; Multiparker 760 captures several hundred parking places per level.
At each level independently operating shuttles, transfer and park the cars on concrete slab by way of the longitudinal pick-up transport system (LAT). Short access and operation times are warranted.


  • Automatically operated parking system for 40 to more than 100 cars
  • Tower and/or pit version provided up to 30 parking levels high
  • Multiple row arrangement with up to 3 parking rows behind each other
  • Well adaptable to individual project requirements
  • Safe for user and cars (no narrow ramps, dark stairs, no damage caused by theft or vandalism)
  • Customizable arrangement of lifts and transfer areas
  • No handling of empty pallets occurs to fast access times
  • No ramps and driving lanes
  • No costly illumination and ventilation necessary
  • Different car heights possible, e.g. Vans, SUVs, Sedans
  • For car weight up to 2.5 t
  • Easy operation with several control options, e.g. transponder chip or remote control
  • Suitable for residential, office building and public parking
  • Following the idea of "Green-Parking"

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