8th March 2024

Women’s Day Celebration website content

At Wohr Parking System (WPS), we honour the incredible contributions of women both in our organization and society. Our Women's Day celebration was a heartfelt tribute to the strength and importance of women in our lives.

The day was filled with joy and togetherness. We enjoyed a fun women's day out at a good resort with various fun and interactive activities, as well as delicious food, making every moment special and full of laughter.At WPS, we champion equality, diversity, and inclusion every day. Together, we can create a world where every woman’s dreams take flight and her potential is limitless.

15th - 21st January 2024

SPORTS WEEK 2024! A Week of Enthusiasm and Team Building

WPS celebrated a week of spirited competition during the Sports Week held from January 15th to 21st, 2024. The event featured a dynamic blend of indoor and outdoor sports, engaging the entire WPS employees to participate in.

Chess & Carrom where WPS employees showed their mindfulness skills whereas Cricket demonstrated utmost energy and team building skills. All the winners & best performers were felicitated with trophies and medals for their outstanding achievements and contributions.

23thOctober 2023

Khande Navami

Khande Navami, an important day for Wohr Parking Systems, was celebrated with strong devotion and energy, just like every year. On this special day, we gather to honor our machines, which have played a crucial role in our journey.

In keeping with Indian tradition, we cleaned and worshipped our machines, a symbol of our deep respect. This tradition shows our profound respect and gratitude for the technology that has been at the core of our success for over 18 years.

7thOctober 2023

Medical Check-Up Camp 2023! Health comes first

As part of our commitment to health and safety, WPS conducted a Medical Check-Up Camp for all our employees. This annual event is a vital component of our employee welfare program.

The medical camp offered comprehensive health check-ups. Every employee received medical evaluations, advice, and guidance on maintaining their health. A dedicated healthcare team was always there to provide expert care and answer health questions for our employees.

5thOctober 2023

WOHR Turns 18! Celebrating Triumphs over the years

With heartfelt joy, we celebrated our 18th Foundation Day, bringing together our all our dedicated employees as one. Our reginal offices from across the country also joined us in the celebration from their respective locations. We reminisced our incredible journey, from 1,35,000 installations across India to exports in 60+ countries, gracing Tier I and II cities from Leh to Kochi, and Rajkot to Guwahati.

The spirit of our celebration soared as we honoured our team members with 15 years of unwavering dedication. Our directors, Mr. Girish Vyas and Mr. Manish Palshikar made it even more special. We were touched by the presence of our guest, Mr. Frank Muller, who has been with us since the start of our journey.

We celebrated the 18 th foundation with cake-cutting, photos, refreshments, and countless cherished moments.

24thJune 2023

Celebrating Success at the 13th Annual Sales Conference 2023!

Gathering at the prestigious Sheraton Grand in Pune, WPS ignited the flame of inspiration and achievement at its highly anticipated Annual Sales Conference. This year's event was nothing short of extraordinary, with the presence of our esteemed international partners and our dedicated PAN India team.

The conference served as a platform to celebrate the accomplishments and dedication of our talented employees. WPS proudly presented star performer awards to individuals who consistently went above and beyond, setting the bar high for excellence.

20th May 2023

Eye checkup camp for the employees

The health and well-being of our employees is crucial.

In view of this, we recently conducted An Eye Check-up Camp at our head office. Experts with advanced equipment examined the eyesight of every participant and gave their opinions.

It was yet another thoughtful initiative for our employees.

08thMarch 2023

Women’s Day Out

At Wohr Parking System (WPS), we believe in celebrating diversity and promoting inclusivity in the workplace. As such, we proudly celebrated International Women's Day, a day dedicated to recognizing the achievements of women and advocating for gender equality.

Our celebration included a range of activities that highlighted the important role women play in our organization and society as a whole. We organized a women’s day out for all the wonderful and hard working female employees, including recreational activities like outdoor-indoor games, team building games and delicious food. It was a day well spent in a relaxed and joyous mood.

We also showcased our support for women's empowerment by highlighting the contributions of our female employees on our social media platforms. At WPS, we believe that diversity and inclusivity are essential to creating a vibrant and successful workplace. We are committed to promoting a culture of respect and equality for all, and we will continue to celebrate the achievements and contributions of women in our organization and beyond.

March 2023

Cricket Carnival 2023

WPS had an exciting Sports Week filled with athletic competitions. The event included both indoor and outdoor sports, involving all WPS employees.

Chess and Carrom showcased the employees' mental skills, while Cricket highlighted their energy, athleticism, and teamwork. Trophies and medals were awarded to the winners and top performers in recognition of their outstanding achievements and contributions.

March 2023

52nd Safety Week Celebration

At WPS, safety is a top priority in our manufacturing operations. We recognize that a safe and healthy workplace not only protects our employees from harm, but also has positive effects on our business, such as reducing costs, improving productivity and quality, and boosting employee morale. Therefore, we are proud to participate in the National Safety Week, an important event that reinforces our commitment to safety.

This year's theme "our aim: zero harm" resonates with our efforts to instill a culture of safety in our activities throughout the year. To kick off the week, our employees did ‘Flag Hoisting’ & 'Safety Oath' as well as participated in a safety slogan making competition & forklift training.

Throughout the week, we organized various safety related activities such as fire drill, mock drill and kitchen safety drill, and a fire extinguisher race. We also held a speech competition on safety topics to promote awareness and encourage discussion. To conclude the safety week we carried out a safety exhibition and safety award & rewards distribution.

At WPS, we believe that safety is everyone's responsibility, and we are committed to continuously improving our safety practices. We are proud to participate in the National Safety Week and will continue to prioritize safety in our operations.

11thNovember 2022

WPS promised to deliver mechanized parking solutions for the fast-growing cities.

We at Wohr, leave no stone unturned to impart quality knowledge and spread awareness about the cutting-edge German technology we apply and the smart solutions we have thoughtfully developed in the form of state-of-the-art parking systems.

A conference of Architects & Engineers organised at a fast-growing tier 2 city was a recent initiative from our side. Headed by our honourable MD Mr. Girish Vyas, the event received an overwhelming response.

04thOctober 2022

Khande Navmi Puja

Worshipping the weapons on the auspicious occasion of Khandenavami is an ancient tradition known as "Ayudh Puja'.

We too celebrated it with a lot of vigour and excitement. We worshipped our machines, tools and prayed for a promising year ahead.

It was a memorable experience for all of us.

26thAugust 2022

WPS sponsors a seminar on Parking Systems by CTBUH

WPS recently sponsored a seminar titled - ‘Cars Deserve Better’ - on Parking Systems and Technology. The stalwarts of this industry assembled to discuss the latest developments in this sector.

The Managing Director of WPS, India - Mr Girish Vyas, the Managing Director of WÖHR, Germany - Mr Jens Niepelt, and our VP, Sales - Mr Sondeep Kulkarni, participated in the seminar to express their thoughts and address doubts regarding parking systems through their vast experience in the industry. Mr Niepelt discussed the worldwide project installations and the evolution of WÖHR parking systems. The WÖHR team also participated in the panel discussions with other participants to share their thoughts.

This was a very successful seminar that we were proud to contribute to!

15thAugust 2022

WPS keeping the National Flag flying high on 'Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav'!

On 'Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav' - marking 75 years of Indian Independence - WPS celebrated the occasion by organising a Flag Hoisting Ceremony by our Managing Director Mr Girish Vyas at our factory premises.

It was a scintillating event in which the WPS team participated with a patriotic spirit!

To see the video of our celebrations, visit this link:

18thJune 2022

WPS Conducts a Constructive 12th Annual Sales Conference

WPS recently conducted its 12th Annual Sales Conference 2022 at Novotel Goa Dona Sylvia Resort.

The Regional Teams across India came together to discuss the challenges they faced, their achievements, and projections for the year 2022-2023.

Our Director Mr. Markus Hofheinz from Germany gave an overview of the current global scenario of car parking, which was followed by individual presentations.

It was a refreshing, constructive and insightful event for everyone involved.

The entire team was charged and rejuvenated in Goa!

04th - 11th
March 2022

51st Safety Week at WPS

The National Safety Week is an important event at WPS with safety being an essential aspect of manufacturing businesses. A safe and healthy workplace not only protects workers from injury and illness, but can also lower injury/illness costs, increase productivity and quality, and raise employee morale. In other words, safety is good for business. The theme this time around - "Nurture young minds - Develop safety culture" - is something we have tried to inculcate in our activities this year.

This year's activities started off with our employees undertaking a 'Safety Oath' on the first day of the National Safety Week followed by forklift and SCBA safety demo training on the next day.

In the subsequent days, we also organized safety quizzes, undertook a mock fire drill for security staff, conducted a safety exhibition, had a fire extinguisher race, organized a blood donation camp at a client’s site and on the last day of the week, we held a speech competition on topics of safety.

14th October 2021

Khande Navmi Puja

The ‘Khande Navmi Puja’ is an annual tradition we follow at WPS during Navratri, where the machinery in the Factory is worshipped. The same Puja is held at our other installation sites as well. On this occasion, all the machinery and instruments are thoroughly cleaned and worshipped. This tradition is also known as ‘Ayudha Puja’. This Puja is considered to be a meaningful custom that focuses specific attention to one’s profession and its related tools and connotes that a divine force is working behind it to perform well and for getting the proper rewards. We made sure to follow all the Covid-19 safety protocols while performing the Puja so that we can be safe, healthy and blessed!

02nd September 2021

COVID Final Vaccination Drive

Getting both doses of the Covid-19 vaccination is absolutely essential to be protected against the infectious disease. We truly care about the health and well-being of our employees which is why we arranged a Covid-19 vaccination drive for their second dose. The first vaccination drive was conducted on the 10th of June 2021.

The latest vaccination drive held at our facility is our way of safeguarding our employees and contributing to the national campaign to prevent the further spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

20th August 2021


The ‘Smart Worker Workshop’, conducted for our Production staff on 20th Aug. 2021 was all about building a smart mindset that thinks positive, balances personal and professional life, accepts accountability and works smarter. The workshop covered topics such as stress management, time management, communication skills, personality development, training benefits, resource management, safety, quality culture and many more. The goal was to improve individual working style, enhance work satisfaction and boost productivity to build a stronger team.

13th August 2021

CSR Activity

As a part of our CSR, WPS always reaches out to help deserving causes. This July, when heavy rainfall caused severe flooding in districts of Sangli, Kolhapur and coastal Konkan, we contributed Rs.10 lacs to the flood relief operations of the RSS Jankalyan Samiti, a recognised NGO working selflessly for disaster management and other social initiatives.

Our MD, Mr Girish Vyas handed over the cheque to Mr Vinayak Dambir, Vice Secretary of RSS Jankalyan Samiti Maharashtra State. City Vice Secretary Mr Ashwin Kumar Upadhye appreciated the help of WPS. Mr Jayant Kanetkar, Mr Abhishek Vyas and Mr Padmnabh Morgaonkar were present at the event.

10th June 2021

COVID First Vaccination Drive

Getting a COVID-19 vaccine is an important step to prevent getting sick with COVID-19 disease. Keeping this in mind we arranged Covid 19 Vaccination drive

Wohr always puts their people first. Getting vaccinated now will help protect employees and their families whom they care for and who are at risk for severe illness from COVID-19.

The vaccination drive organised at our facility is our way of keeping our team immunised against Covid-19 - for a healthy, better tomorrow.

05th June 2021

Environment Day

Tree planting as a way to restore local ecosystems has already captured the people’s imagination.

The cultural, spiritual, and recreational role of forests makes them essential even for human well-being.

World Environment Day was celebrated with enthusiasm at Wohr Parking Systems on the 5th of June 2021. The theme for this year’s event was ‘Ecosystem Restoration. Saplings were planted and watered by the staff members of the WPS team.

4th - 11th March 2021

50th National Safety Week

Safety is always a priority at Wohr Parking Systems. So we never miss the opportunity to reaffirm our corporate commitment to safety systems and compliances.

50th National Safety Week was celebrated with enthusiasm at Wohr Parking Systems from 4th to 11th March. Our many activities and programs included oath taking, a Safety speech competition, basic Life Safety training, and a Safety poster drawing contest. The week’s activities culminated in a motivating rewards & awards ceremony.

4th - 7th February 2021

Brand Awareness at Equestrian Games

Wohr increased its brand awareness by sponsoring the Annual Equestrian Games 2021 held by Japalouppe Equestrian Centre this month. A launch pad for young equestrians, it also helped Wohr reach out to an audience of decision makers and build brand

23rd January 2021

11th Annual Sales Conference in challenging times

The annual sales conference is held in June, however due to COVID-19 same was conducted in Pune with a limited number following all the safety precautions to discuss on the road map for FY 2021-2022 in January 2021.

05th May 2020


Our people's health is our most precious asset. So even as we strive to keep business operations running, we are following strict hygiene and safety regulations to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Safety measures at WPS

  • Vehicles are sanitised before entering the factory.
  • All employees and visitors undergo thermal scanning at the entry.
  • Cleaning protocol has been increased at the factory and offices.
  • Foot-operated hand sanitiser dispenser provided at the reception.
  • Sanitiser stand placed at office entry points.
  • All cabins are equipped with sanitisers.
  • Factory workers are provided shields, masks and sanitiser.
  • Office seating with social distancing, and sanitisers provided at convenient locations.
  • All employees have been provided guidance periodically, on hygiene practices, social distance, and steps to take in case they don’t feel well.

04th March 2020

49th National Safety Week

National Safety Week was celebrated with wholehearted involvement by all at Wohr Parking Systems. Besides oath taking and symbolic badge pinning, the staff received special training sessions and motivational speeches, reiterating the importance of safety systems & compliance in the workplace.

Day 1 - Safety day badge pinning to employees & Workmen, Safety oath, Safety day awareness speech, Sweet distribution,

Day 2 - Fire extinguisher & Hydrant training for security, PPE training for workmen,

Day 3 - Walking talking with workmen session,

Day 4 - Safe driving of forklift, PPE Training for Workmen

Day 5 - Training on work permit system, Fire extinguisher race,

Day 6 - Surprise safety quiz, Fire extinguisher race, Poster Submission

Day 7 - Emergency mock drill conducted at factory premises, Closing & winner selection

06th July 2019

Stepping Stone- 10th Annual Sales Conference

The 10th Annual Sales Conference was held on 6th July 2019 at Taj Lands End Mumbai where we celebrated the milestone of installation 100,000 parking spaces in India. We were graced by the presence of our German delegates and channels partners from around the world. Special recognition awards were also presented.

18th March 2019

AEO certification granted by Govt. of India

Wohr Parking has been certified with the prestigious 'Authorised Economic Operator-T1 Certificate (Importer & Exporter) by the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs, Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India.

AEO Certificate No. INAAACW6100A1F198 recognises our 'commitment to secure the international supply chain and in compliance with the WCO's SAFE Framework standards.

04th March 2019

48th National Safety Week

Wohr celebrated seven days of enthusiastic activities around the Safety theme. Oath taking, inspiring speeches & presentations, fire extinguisher training, poster competition, mock drills, training sessions, contests, prizes and more - it was all there during National Safety Week at Wohr Parking Systems.

04th - 10th
Feb 2019

Road Safety Week

At our Pune factory, Wohr Parking Systems conducted 'Road Safety Week', an awareness campaign to emphasize the importance of following basic traffic rules and ultimately to reduce road accidents. Aimed at drivers of both 4-wheelers and 2-wheelers, the programme was conducted by Safety Officer and was attended by batch of 15 Wohr staff members. With traffic increasing exponentially, and with many drivers flouting traffic rules, millions lose their life or get injured in road accidents. Wohr's endeavour was to remind people about traffic rules and their responsibility towards road safety - for themselves and others.

14th - 19th
Jan 2019

Wohr at BAU 2019, Munich

BAU 2019 was a phenomenal success! A record 2250 exhibitors from 45 countries showcased their offerings while 250,000 visitors from 150 countries made it an event to remember!

The Wohr stand at BAU 2019 drew huge crowds with its impressive display of the Combilift 552 arranged one behind the other for 6 vehicles with glass doors. The electrical charge points and Tesla model displayed on the system added to the charm and relevance of their solution.

We also offered visitors an exciting virtual reality tour of Project Kneuterdijk, The Hague, for Parksafe 583.

22nd - 24th
June 2018

9th Annual Sales Conference

The 9th Annual Sales Conference was held at Hotel Taj Krishna, Hyderabad from 22 June 2018 to 24 June 2018. The conference was attended by Sales and Marketing Team across India along with team from Factory. The conference was also attended by the Channel Partners from India as well from Australia, Dubai, Israel , Kenya & Thailand. The Conference was graced by the presence of Mr. Wolfgang Wöhr , Mr. Volker Blickle & Ms Stefanie Wohr . The Managing Director Mr Girish Vyas presented the Award to Back Office team for their Excellent Performance in supporting the entire Sales Team for the year 2017-2018.

14th - 15th
May 2018

Wellness Check-up Camp

Wohr Parking Systems Pvt Ltd believes in "Health is Wealth". With the increasing levels of stress in today’s life it has become a necessity to take care of one’s health. For WPS, health of employee’s is the true wealth of the company. With an intention to promote the awareness in staff about their health status and encourage them towards fitness, WPS conducted Health and Wellness Check-up Camp on 14th and 15th May 2018 for all the employees. The WPS Management will continue to invest in various such initiatives periodically for employees.

March 2018

Appreciation by CPWD, Bangalore

Location : the new CPWD building in Bangalore.
We are installing 156 spaces of CL-543 in the basement. Our Bangalore team has accepted the challenge to install the first batch of 8 spaces for demonstration of the system during the Inauguration ceremony to the government body and they had successfully achieved the target.

March 2018

24/7 Mobile Service Van at Bangalore

Wohr Parking Systems introduced 24X7 Service Van to Provide Quick and Professional Service to end customers in Bengaluru Region.

March 2018

47thNational Safety Week

Wohr India celebrating The National Safety Week from 4th March to 11th March 2018. The Celebration Started by Pinning Safety Badges to all Employees followed by Safety Oath given to promote Safety to all Employees. The motive of celebrating Safety Week is to create awareness among the employees about safety including the various health and environmental movements.

March 2018

Firefighting training

Security guards have important responsibility to fulfil. A responsible security guard is trained and actively ensures that lives and property are protected from natural or human events, be they accidental or malicious.Keeping this in mind , Fire fighting training is given to all security guards to make them more effective to deal with any emergency.

October 2017

Celebrating the Festival of Lights

As Diwali is one of the biggest & most auspicious festival in India. We i.e Wὄhr family celebrated the Diwali on 17th October 2017 in Office. We have decorated the office with Diwali lantern, a beautiful rangoli was placed at the entrance. We celebrated this day as traditional day all our employees were in their traditional attire. We celebrated the festival of light with colorful clothes and Diwali sweets.

23 - 25
June 2017

8th Annual Sales Conference

The 8th Annual Sales Conference was held at The Leela, Goa in the last week of June 17. The entire Sales and Marketing Team, Technical and Service Team from all over India attended the conference. The conference was also attended by the Channel Partners from India as well from Kenya. The Managing Director Mr Girish Vyas presented the Award to Installation Team for their Excellent Performance for the past year. The conference was ended with more energized team to concur more heights in the world of Car Parking Solutions.

01 - 03
July 2016

7th Annual Sales Conference

The 7th Annual Sales Conference was held at J W Marriot- Bengaluru, in the first week of July 2016. The entire sales and marketing team, technical and service team, from all over India attended the conference. The event also marked the 10 year milestone of the company and was graced by the presence of Mr. Wolfgang Wöhr and Chairman, Mr. Volker Blickle. The Managing Director Mr. Girish Vyas presented the company’s journey of the last decade, as well charted the Business Plan for the next five years. Everyone exchanged ideas and rejuvenated, thus concluding the Conference with a more motivated team than before.

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