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Since the population and number of cars on the roads began to increase; living space began to shrink and become ever more precious, wohr has been compacting parking space. For more than 62 years now, wohr has been designing and installing parking solutions as the one logical solution to the problem. With its single-minded focus on parking systems, wohr is today a leading manufacturer of car parking systems with the most extensive product range across the world.

With over 7,00,000 parking places installed world over, the reliability and safety of wohr systems speaks for itself. Apart from supplying Standard Stack Parking Systems used creativity and know-how form the foundation of innovative products like the Combilift, Parksafe, Multiparker and Levelparker which have made wohr the number one in Germany and India.

Quality always was and remains wohr‘s top priority. Today, this means additional registration and certification according to the international standard DIN EN ISO 9001. wohr also has an efficient customer service with blanket coverage providing fast service and affordable maintenance costs - for longterm customer satisfaction.

“Wohr Parking Systems is Globally known to most of the Architect and Developers through our continuous up gradation and Wide Product Range.

Today we are 115 years old company with 60 years of experience only in Car parking. All the products are TUV certified , EN Standards, EN 14010 Norms and best known for consistency of Quality ,Cost, Delivery and Speedy response.

With more than 50 different products used all over the world such as Stack or Twin Parking, Puzzle Parking, Under ground parking, Pit Parking etc. along with exclusive wide range of Fully Customized Automatic Parking Systems, Wohr is number one choice amongst the users.

Recently Wohr has introduced underground cross parking, first time of its nature and a very thin Turn Table of almost negligible thickness of less than 50mm. “

Globally people are becoming fitness freak and are going back to bicycle age clubbed as hobby cycling. The population of cycles is also on a rise and Wohr have developed Bikesafe to accommodate around 110 cycles vertically in 8 levels."

Why Car Parking is very important in infrastructure development:

Today almost every house in the city is having at least one car. Collectively we face parking problem every day. Normally the car is parked for nearly 22 Hrs. either at house, office or on road.

The Car Parking area is designed by the Architects while planning the building construction and corporation is keeping a strict vigilance in complying the parking provision in each building.

Residential Apartments, Commercial complex, Multiplex, Malls, Educational Institutes, Hotels, etc. requires parking and all these are the future customers of parking system manufacturers.

We now have many solutions of parking cars based on the site situation. Please look into or contact one of our offices nearby for providing Car Parking Arrangement.

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