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As the world population and standards of living increase, the number of cars on the road also increases exponentially. During this time, the living space available began to shrink and become ever more precious. Wohr has been designing and installing parking solutions to deal with this issue for more than 65 years now. Wohr is a leading manufacturer of car parking systems with the most extensive product range in the world.

The reliability and safety of Wohr Systems speak for themselves, with over 7,00,000 parking spots installed around the world. Apart from supplying standard stack parking systems, we also use our creativity and know-how to form the foundation of innovative fully automatic products like the Combilift, Parksafe, Multiparker and Levelparker which have made us the number one in both Germany and India.

Quality has always been and will always be our top priority. To back our words with actions, we have engaged in additional registration and certification of international standards like DIN EN ISO 9001. We also provide an efficient customer service program with blanket coverage, fast service, and affordable maintenance costs.

Wohr Parking Systems (WPS) is globally renowned with most architects and developers due to our wide product range and our focus on the continuous development of our offerings.

We are now a 115 years old company, with more than 65 years of experience exclusively in car parking systems. All of our products are TUV certified and adhere to EN standards and EN 14010 norms. As a brand, we are best known for our consistency in quality, cost, and delivery and also our speedy response times.

With more than 50 different products installed all over the world, we are the number one choice amongst users.

We have recently introduced underground cross-parking - which is the first of its kind - and a very thin turntable of an almost negligible thickness of less than 50 mm.

Importance of car parking in infrastructure development:

With the proliferation of cars into almost every house, we face an impending parking space crisis in cities. Cars are ordinarily kept parked for huge parts of the day, whether at home, the office or on the road.

The car parking areas are designed and designated by Architects during the drafting of the building plan. Municipal corporations maintain a strict vigil to ensure that the parking provisions for each building are complied with.

WPS offers a plethora of car parking systems and solutions which can be customised according to the on-site requirements. Please get in touch with one of our offices for further enquiries and discussions.

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