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Combilift Car Parking System – Get the Simplified Solution to Park your Car! Download Datasheet 2.6 ton

"Combilift Car Parking System is your access to next generation of automobile parking in India."

"Pioneering car parking arrangement is finally here!"

"Painful, nerve-racking auto parking is history, thanks to incredibly class and simplified puzzle car parking systems India."

These are testimonials from some regular drivers and commuters who head on with everyday parking challenges. Car parking has long been a nightmarish experience for these folks. So don’t amaze if you come across more such views!

Pictures of existing Indian parking areas in your mind might be hopelessly disturbing, but the good news is here! The picture is soon changing for better as the prevailing arrangement is getting superseded with an advanced, trendy and comforting parking system.

Combilift Car Parking System, designed and developed by renowned company Wohr, is replacing it with its groundbreaking technology!

Why? Easy! This system simplifies parking with its ultramodern, futuristic and stylish features! Moreover, this is also the need of the hour whichever part of world you go!

India is certainly one of the most trafficked countries in world today and indications are that the vehicle density is slated to grow further in near future. This means conventional arrangements will not be enough as parking zones can overcrowd, thus creating more panic and frustration for the drivers.

How Combilift Car Parking System is beneficial?

Combilift technology is a revolutionary functionality in which more no of vehicles can be parked with automated functioned in limited floor area. There is a horizontal as well vertical sliding arrangement in the system to place the cars in specific parking slots in the system.

Combilift car parking system is much facilitating and so you can conveniently choose it to enjoy assorted benefits of this novel parking system offered by Wohr. Some attributes are worth knowing.

  • Best – for seasoned as well as newbie drivers.
  • Car’s safety assured.
  • Enough space for all types of cars due to various combinations.
  • Variable arrangement of 2- 10 grids beside one another
  • Designed with multiple levels for parking.

To get some valuable information about the product range in Wohr’s incredible Combilift car parking system, click here!

Wohr Combilift Products:

Wohr has developed ready-to-use range of Combilift products.

  • combilift 542

    Combilift 542

    combilift 543

    Combilift 543

    combilift 551

    Combilift 551

    Combilift 552

    Combilift 552

Combilift 542: For areas having restricted headroom, Combilift 542 is an ideal solution. It is an independent parking arrangement comprising a pit and parking facility two levels up

Combilift 543: When space is restrained and multilevel parking is essential, Combilift 543 is handy. Through the entrance at middle level, cars get parked up to 3 levels in this.

Combilift 551: Combilift 551 eliminates need for pit as it comprising entrance level platform that can be moved laterally and horizontally.

Combilift 552: System can be assembled with a smart combo of Combilift 543 and 551.

Where does Combilift Technology fit?

Combilift aptly facilitates parking utilities at all the high rise properties. Eventually, is becomes a gift for the Indian urban infrastructure, which is otherwise messy due to chaotic car parking and unsystematic arrangements.

Most preferred spaces where Combilift car parking optimally fits in are:

  • Residential Buildings
  • Condominiums
  • Office buildings
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Business centers
  • Shopping malls

Precisely, this technology is a versatile solution to range of parking requirements and an adequate solution for car parking in most residential and commercial complexes.

Puzzle Car Parking System India:

Puzzle car parking system India holds the key to next-generation parking system. The system is chic and techno-savvy and it has emerged as a breakthrough in car parking system of India.

Incredible benefits of Puzzle Car Parking System India for you need a special mention:

Puzzle Car Parking is best suited for Indian conditions

Surmounting number of vehicles and their increasing commutation day by day has led to a kind of parking crisis in India. This becomes a hurdle in the nation’s infrastructural growth even after rest of infrastructure has bettered over the years. To overcome this situation, a superior parking system is needed which is also technically advanced.

Puzzle car parking is such a system which best meets the needs of India infrastructure.

Resolve tomorrow’s Puzzle today with a Smart Car Parking System in India:

Experts envisage a remarkable hike in the number of running vehicles on Indian roads during next few years. Indication is explicit – we will need more and smarter parking spaces

Now looking to the advantages of puzzle car parking system India, you can draw some precise conclusions about the Wohr presented Combilift, also known as Puzzle car parking.

  • End of wait in long parking queues.
  • End of time loss hunting for adequate car parking space.
  • End of ridiculous parking expenditure.
  • End of worries to manage parking receipts.

Puzzle car parking system India is the future as it is the smartest way to channelize methodic vehicle parking!

For important knowhow and enquiries about the outstanding presentation from Wohr, write us at info@wohrparking.in or visit "www.wohrparking.in"

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